MGT camp at South American Snow Sessions

The first ever MGT camp at South America Snow Sessions in Bariloche, Argentina has officially come to a close. August was stormy and the rouge girls shred crew was large and in charge… for real. Canadian coaches Natalie Gough and I showed the MGT posse the essentials for mountain, park, and backcountry shralping while still keeping up. The session started quickly with a huge dump and epic trees. Jumps and cliff drops were also part of the daily program and both Nat and I had some serious sendage of board, air time, and diggers that first week.

Into week two, the girls got some sun and, with it, park days including the third annual Chica’s Only all-girls park day event where SASS/MGT campers got a chance to meet and shred with local Argentine riders and learn some Espanol. That day, the park was closed off for the chicos, which resulted in tons of progression, silliness and belly laughs. After waiting patiently the entire session to break into the infamous Laguna Bowl in the backcountry of Cerro Catedral resort, the girls turned on their beacons and headed into the unknown to ride some sick big mountain lines for two long days before their time was up.

They got it all in session 4 at SASS along with new friends, a new language, and culture 101. The girls were sad to say ciao, but left with new outlooks on life and new tricks and talent. MGT would like to thank all of our sponsors for allowing MGT the chance to spread the shred to new places and new faces, and a special thanks to South America Snow Sessions for hosting MGT on its first international endeavour.

Camper Jenna Mae Togado sums it up:

"Bariloche was a life changing experience for me; I was thankful everyday that I had snow to look forward to. Being around girls in a foreign city made us closer to one another and a huge adventure for all. Seeing a different culture taught me a lot of patience, and shredding different snow most definitely improved my backcountry skills and knowledge. As an avid camper, I was able to compare the other camps to this one. Every time I attend a camp it was always better than the last one. This one stands out because of the handful of knowledgeable people surrounding you everyday! I’ve learned so much backcountry knowledge from this trip and have seen possible consequences and why this knowledge is so important. I’ve met so many amazing people that share the same passion as I do and, most importantly, coming back home my face muscles hurt from laughing and smiling so much. I will most definitely return to South America to shred their amazing snow time and time again. I can’t thank Robin enough for telling me this is a must do on my list of things to do. I understand everything she’s been ranting about now, and she’s passed on the excited rant to me. I left my heart in Argentina and forever it will stay embedded in those mountains!”

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