Roxy’s Circuit in the City

This past Sunday, May 24, Roxy hosted an Outdoor Circuit at The Source Boardshop on 11th Ave for the babes of Calgary. The Surfset team of Studio Revolution created a 30-minute circuit and 30 minutes yoga session tailored specifically for board sport enthusiasts. 

Not only are we approaching key swimsuit season, but also it’s important to stay in shape for your favourite activities. The idea of the event was to provide a social and welcoming environment to help educate ladies on ways to stay conditioned for shred season.  This is important for health in general, but it’s a great way to prevent injury. Studio Revolution provides one of the most fun and challenging forms of cross training called SURFSET. Whether you’re a surfer, snowboarder, athlete or just someone who’s looking to amp up their fitness game this versatile piece of equipment will get you shredded.  The workouts at Studio Revolution in Calgary on the SURFSET board offer a combination of body weight, kettle bell, resistance training and plyometric exercises all done on an unstable surfboard that simulates the feeling of being on water. This workout is designed to work your stabilizers, core and balance while creating long lean surfer strong muscles.

We were joined with amazing enthusiastic participants, some beautiful sunshine and the perfect location.  If you haven’t been to The Source’s newest location on 11th Ave yet, it’s a must visit. We gathered inside the shop for some healthy snacks and prizes provided by Roxy and Studio Revolution.

If you would like to try out the circuit for yourself and maybe make some of the healthy snacks we enjoyed, Studio Revolution has put all the info up on their blog so just click on this lovely link here