PLAYLIST: with Natalie Allport

Ottawa’s own Natalie Allport recently let us on her top 10 songs to snowboard to. As you’d probably imagine, this up-and-coming slopestyle rider’s playlist features a little bit of old school hip-hop and alot of Top 40 hits. “My music changes on the daily. It all depends on whether I’m hitting rails, filming, or getting sendy on a jump day. I like to listen to happy fun music on sunny days and gangst beats when the bad weather rolls in. The following songs are on shuffle no matter what the weather’s like.”

A$AP Rocky ft. Lana Del Rey, Ridin’ 

“I am OBSESSED with Lana. I’m also a big A$AP fan. She’s so sassy and his voice is pretty cool.”

Rihanna, Diamonds (Jacob Plant Dubstep Remix) 

“The original is better than this remix, but the remix is better to snowboard to.”

MIA, Bad Girls 

“This is my go-to song. I have a habit of requesting this song at parties, and get so stoked when I hear it. MIA is one bada$$ chick.”

Justin Bieber, Boyfriend 

“Hey JB you can totally be my boyfriend. Seriously though, I am digging the new hairstyle, kind of a Stefan Salvatore (from Vampire Diaries) look.”

Public Enemy, Harder Than You Think 

“This song is so classic. I love old school hip-hop, it’s probably the best music to ride to. My brother and I turn this song right up on road trips.”

Lana Del Rey, Heavy Hitter 

“She has so many unreleased songs it’s crazy. I think I have finally found them all…might even be able to claim I have every song Lana’s made. But I’m still discovering new ones.”

Cypress Hill, Latin Thugs

“I’m half Venezuelan, my mom would be proud of my Latin-inspired music selection here. Except she probably wouldn’t aprove of this song..”

Nicki Minaj, Beef Stew 

“I definitely can’t rap like Nicki, but I try. This song is kind of weird though…”

Rihanna, Phresh off the Runway

“Can’t ever get enough RihRih”

Florence and the Machine, Lover to Lover

“Florence is an angel on Earth. Or so they say.”