Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails ’08

Bear Mountain’s annual Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails went down in the warm sunshine with a crowd of stoked snowboard fans and a crazy new setup to really pop things off! The course started with a down bar on one side and a double kink on the other with a huge bomb drop, drop-in in the middle to set the riders up with speed for the main feature. I'm not even sure exactly how best to describe the set up.: a big wooden launch ramp with gap to flat and landing, and the option to hit up either side for wall rides or hit the wall ride between the take off and landing—umm, does that even make sense!? Check out the photos and you'll know what I mean.


A slew of dudes were in attendance and a select few female riders were representing it on every feature. Leanne Pelosi and Bev V were both hitting the jump with smooth style but were having difficulties nailing tricks on the other features. Raewyn tried to lock in a few Back Lips and switch ups on the down rail but couldn't quite get them. She stomped some clean Handplants on the wall ride and made it through the kink with some solid 50-50's, ending up in third place. It was Desiree Melancon who stole the show hitting every feature with style; 5-0's and frontsides on the down rail, solid on the kink, smooth wall rides and a couple stomped jumps to take it home in first place. After the contest, premieres of Double Decade and Down With People ran to the packed—and somewhat sun burnt and tipsy—crowd. As always a good time at Bear and a nice warmup to the season!